Their results are spectacular and visible from the first session.



Why inject Botox?


Injection of Botox corrects wrinkles formed by muscles that are under the dermis that can contract wrinkle the skin. Botox is not a filler.


What things should I know before application of Botox?


Botox lasts several months and is not for life. If the patient makes many gestures may last only three months.

But if you learn to control the exaggerated gestures can last for almost a year.


At what stage of life you can make an application of Botox?


Just wrinkles crabgrass or brow look.

The age at which to do first varies.

It can be from 30 years in some patients. the

wrinkles are those that say when and in what area is needed.

Remember that Botox has many different applications to cosmetic surgery.

It is used in ophthalmology, neurology, gastroenterology.


What kind of skill is required for proper application of Botox?


It requires knowledge of the facial muscles and how they interact with each other.

For example, your plastic surgeon may raise an eyebrow or you can leave the same.

Some applications of Botox leave the patient with a strange look and this should not be.


That danger is the application of Botox?


It has no problem in expert hands.

Who is the most appropriate professional or better placement of Botox?

Botox must be applied by or plastic surgeon who is putting everyday Botox to their patients with natural and predictable results.



It can be used for excessive sweating of hands and armpits?


Botox is excellent for sweaty palms and underarms and is one of the first-line treatments for this disorder in Colombia.



Botox  Permanente o Láser miolisis​​


By applying a laser fiber within

the muscles that produce wrinkles.

This procedure produces a more prolonged result removing wrinkles from the region of the forehead and eyebrows.

You can also wrinkle lip or call barcode.



This procedure is performed under local anesthesia.


The incision made on the skin is 1 mm and she laser fiber is inserted destroys muscle.


The look should be natural. I can apply myself every The Botox?


The ideal is to be between nine months and one year. If placed very often becomes resistant and the effect is smaller each application.​