You always have to operate repeatedly or should be done several rhinoplasty?


The best chance a patient has for excellent nose job or rhinoplasty and the best possible result, it is the first time that the patient is operated. So if you are looking for the best result, if you suck your surgery is to your liking and not liking imposed by the surgeon, you should seek an expert, you always have excellent results and you can run artistically what the patient wants.



As I can see how I stay nose or will my result in my rhinoplasty?


The first detail to get the best results in rhinoplasty, is a plan with your surgeon computer where you would express so you can compare the different possibilities .Its plastic surgeon must use great visual aids on the computer, where the patient will notice that changes could be made and what or which of those.



At what stage of life you can make a Rhinoplasty or what age can operate the nose?


Aesthetic rhinoplasty or nose surgery can be performed in young women after two years of her first period, and once confirmed with carpograma its growth and stopped. This means that from 13 or 14 years in some cases. Men take a long time to grow more and also they should take a carpograma to determine if already stopped growing. Beyond this time of growth at any time of life can operate.


What things should I do before the operation the nose?


The most important thing before rhinoplasty, is a good plan for surgery in the computer. This is the tool that allows you and your surgeon to realize that details have to be corrected in your rhinoplasty and what is the effect of those changes on its face.



How long Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty? The septum and turbinates with?


Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery, purely aesthetic lasts between 45 minutes and an hour and a half .When the wall is arranged and hypertrophied turbinates takes one to two hours.




What kind of skill is required for good ocirugía rhinoplasty nose?


To perform surgery and rhinoplasty requires that the surgeon is an artist in every sense implied by this word because rhinoplasty is a live sculpture .The skilled plastic surgeon in the surgery to the nose usually paints, makes sculpture and has very particular three-dimensional and spatial skills that not all surgeons possess. Check artworks your surgeon and especially see other results of rhinoplasty performed by fotos.Los results in a fairly good surgeon must not be identical in all patients; surely that nose is nice for certain expensive is not necessarily the prettiest nose on your face.




What type of anesthesia requires Rhinoplasty?


We always prefer the General anesthesia that allows us a more accurate without discomfort to the patient outcome. With local anesthesia can only do some tinkering.




You can operate just the tip of the nose?


You can do surgery to lose weight and refine only the tip of the nose. In such cases the tip or surgery of the tip of the nose can be done under local anesthesia.




As postoperative?


Rhinoplasty or nose surgery (Rhinoplasty or Nose Job) is an outpatient procedure can be done in a weekend, and requires medical disability. Have a disability by inflammation of five days, in which the patient has a cast, and then seven days more with cintasde micropore. At 12 days the patient can already see the results of your rhinoplasty.



Dr. Pavajeau is the best surgeon?


Plastic surgeon Dr. Pavajeau member of the SCCP is famous for its results in Nose: Natural, artistically and thoroughly planned in the computer and therefore appropriate to each face of each patient, with different characteristics in men and women.

Always looking fully comply with the wishes of the patient, patients usually feel that their results are best.



If I already operates nose with another surgeon and I'm not satisfied, I can re-operate with Dr. Pavajeau to correct it?


If the patient was already operated his nose by an unskilled surgeon or not the best rhinoplasty rhinoplasty or a good achievement, look for a better result is more complicated because there are scars on the skin that make it difficult job. But these flaws can be corrected with a surgery called secondary rhinoplasty. This is surgery should only be performed by a skilled and renowned surgeon Dr nose as Pavajeau who is an expert in secondary rhinoplasty.



The computer helps me if my result is the best?


Once the patient and surgeon agree on the computer, achieve the best results in rhinoplasty, it's just a matter of artistic hand and skill that has the plastic surgeon. Do not make this plan leaves much room for improvisation and an unexpected result.

Rhinoplasty and Nose Job in Colombia Best results in nosejob are the result of excelent computer plananig combined With An excelent Ability to perform sculpture and painting. Dr Pavajeau combine digital aritistic planning, plus aristic painting and sclupture.




Difficult Cases:


Secondary rhinoplasty or nose surgery to correct sequelae of surgeries performed poorly, very small nose and big nose:


In these cases the size of the nose cartilage grafts to reconstruct the ear tip and restore the normal shape and size is increased.

Others are cases of what is called secondary rhinoplasty or pacientesoperados by inexperienced surgeons and reaching our hands to a final correction. Also there grafts taken from the ear or the partition if necessary is used.


Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery that most improves the aesthetics of the patient's face, as the center of the face. So it is a very demanding surgery.